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Post  Ms Love on Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:27 pm

Yeah, girl! This was a great read; a page turner! Don't touch mine, get your own!

Set in golden San Francisco, Shereese Robinson's novel, It Wasn't Me, is a story about a love triangle that turns deadly. Somebody is guilty but all parties claim, "It Wasn't Me." We've all been down this road before, or know someone who has. This story reveals the dynamics that can play out in a three-way love affair. It should make anyone think long and hard about who they're really dating. It Wasn't Me is told from multiple points of view and the author had her game face on straight. She pulls it off wonderfully. The main character, Nayomi is smart, beautiful, and successful, but still falls prey to that thing called love by way of sexy and successful Darren. Yet, she holds her own and manages to stay afloat and keep her head above water through her own strength plus the help of an unusual source...

Darren is a sleek cool operator who has his game plan down pat. He's a master player at the game of love. He plays his cards close to his chest- perhaps too close like over his heart. Owner of one of the biggest, upscale, and thriving recording businesses in the industry, he can have any woman he wants, but his heart is set on one. At least it seems that way. He thought he had his thing together. How could he know someone like Nayomi would come along and change the game plan completely? As far as he was conserned, he couldn't loose.

Kimberly gets what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants it. However, always getting what you want has its price. Getting what she wants lands Kimberly with more than she bargians for. She gets what she needs but does she get what she deserves?

Throughout the book Nayomi, Darren, and Kimberly share a tumultuous on again off again love triangle that lands each of them in a hot steamy mess. In one scene Nayomi expresses feeling like crap after once again, believing Darren's lies that are piling up one after another, or are they? Many of us have been in her shoes so it allows some of us to relate to her story. On the other hand, Darren loves Nayomi regardless of what it costs him, or does he? If so, Kimberly might be the one who determines just how big a price he pays. Or is it Nayomi?

Buy the book, read it, and you decide. I would recommend this book because it brings a fresh new plot to an old tradition- cheating lovers. Break out artist for 2011, Author Shereese Robinson has penned a novel that puts a new spin on the love triangle and in my opinion, is worthy of the bestseller list. The story is well crafted, well structured, and the plot is tight. It Wasn't Me definitely has the potential to become a bestseller regardless of a few minor typos. National Bestselling Authors get away with this often. Not saying it's okay, but you get my meaning. The only tweak I would suggest in her next book is for the author to create more "developed" characters. And depending on the setting and genre, she should provide more local color without going too far off the grid of the story. Readers want to be where the characters are. Nevertheless, no one starts off at the top of their game. Otherwise, there would be nowhere to go. Am I right? We all want to hear the good stuff but it's only fair to provide both. For those of us, who enjoy reading a good psychological romance, or just reading an over all good story, It Wasn't Me comes highly recommended and definitely worth your hard earned dollars! You won't be disappointed, I guarantee!

This author brings a fresh new voice to the literary playing field. I'm behind her 100 percent.

Author Brenda L. Foster
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