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Easy Does It! Relationship Article Empty

Easy Does It! Relationship Article

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Easy Does It! Relationship Article Empty Easy Does It! Relationship Article

Post  Ms Love on Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:23 am

Short Article: "Easy Does It."

Easy Does It! Relationship Article Nice-women-Yb-girls-beautiful-women

The idea for this article came to me not too long ago as I watched the show, "Cheaters!" After being caught in the act of cheating on his girlfriend the culprit had this to say, and I quote, " Girls are so easy! You see what I just went through and put somebody through on national television, and women are still knocking down my door for a date." Fellas has this scenario been true for you, and does telling and making a woman feel "Pretty" all it takes to win some women over? Women, could this be you?

Personally, I learned a long time ago the secret weapon men know to use on women to get them to respond to them the way they want them to. Is the secret (no longer a weapon) to flatter females with affection and attention; knowing all the right things to say, and making his target feel especially important? Now, don't get me wrong. I know some brothers who use this approach and sincerely mean it. But, then, there are those brothers who don't, and are just pulling the tiara down over your eyes.

What are my thoughts?.. Don't tell me... Show me!

PS. When I say "Brothers" I mean 'men' period..

Talk to me!

Author B.B.Love is a self published relationships author with three published novels. Her top genres are Phycological, Contemporary and Urban romance. She is a Freelance Writer and is available for paid writing assignments. Would You Like to Hire Her?

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Ms Love
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