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    Post  Ms Love on Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:44 am

    Article: Love and Money.

    LOVE & MONEY Money

    Once you discover who you are as a couple it s up to you decide whether your goal together is in the pursuit of love, money or both. To have and to hold from that day forward. Apparently, when it comes to Love and Money, Money is the root of all evil. Love is the creator of all peace. Bringing the two together and living in a place that is functional without one over shadowing the other is what your aim should be. However, if the pursuit is mainly money, money does some stupid things to people but so does love. If love is all you care about, how do you strike a balance between love and money so that you become healthy individuals who can participate in a healthy relationship together and enjoy both? Where do you stand in the topic because statistics say that money is the number one destroyer of most relationships? But so can love, be. What does love and money mean to you? One can't imagine that people on a low social economic status is thinking about love in a romantic sense when survival seems of most importance. But then again poor people could probably survive further on love than most, choosing money as a second priority if it means keeping their integrity intact. How rich people manage to stay in love is thought provoking because in order to become rich one usually has to sacrifice something. More likely than not that sacrifice is love and relationships.

    Nevertheless, both are phenominal. Both can have lasting affects on your love life for the good and the bad. Most believe one can't survive without the other. "Love without Money is like Jelly without the Peanut Butter."~ Author B. B.Love. Money without love spawns innovative money makers who end up with everything they ever wanted except love. Love takes time to cultivate and grow but so does money. However if you're mostly about making money don't try to be in a relationship, you won't have time for love. Billie D. Williams's character said it best, in Mohogany, "Success means nothing with out some one you love to share it with." This is Love and Money we're talking about, here! Jay-Zee and Beyonce appear to be the epitome of Love and Money.

    Bonnie and Clyde tried to have it all; love and money but they ended up dead. Okay, that was way over the top but you see what I'm getting at. Which are you more passionate about, Love or Money and how do you go about obtaining it? We need both to live and be successful. No one can survive on love alone and money cant't buy happiness. When it comes to Love and Money, don't spite the Devil to do God's deeds. It is good to have both.

    Can we have love and money and be happy?

    The question is posed to you to provoke thought. What can you do in your relationship to make love and money priorities without making your relationship a tragedy? The ultimate goal in life should be to be able to love and work but you would be surprised at the amount of people in relationships who fail so miserably at it.

    By Author B.B.Love is a self published relationships author with three published novels. Her top genres are Phycological, Contemporary and Urban romance. She is a Freelance Writer and is available for paid writing assignments. Would You Like to Hire Her?


    Thanks for your time and input. See you next time!

    Relationship writer Author B. B. Love
    Phone: 1-904-415-5955

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