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Article: "BROKEN"...living a thugs life Empty

Article: "BROKEN"...living a thugs life

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Article: "BROKEN"...living a thugs life Empty Article: "BROKEN"...living a thugs life

Post  Ms Love on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:04 pm

Article: BROKEN... living a thugs life...

By Author B.B.Love


Article: "BROKEN"...living a thugs life WhenThugsCry-1

What makes a thug a teddy bear in disguise?

On a regular basis do you sit and watch The First 48? I do. The first 48 is a true T.V. Cop show of various Homocide Units investigating murders across the country; mostly in our black neighborhoods. As I watch, I wonder what makes a young man transform from a street tough thug into a crying sniffling baby once the detectives interrogate him alone in the interview room at headquarters.

Survival on the street seems to be the nature of these young thugs modus operandi and the reason why- though presumed innocent until proven guilty, they commit such offensive crimes. Thug life is a way of life for many of them; gang banging, ripping people off, robbing stores, killing, and just being over all bad asses around the neighborhood. It's what they know. It's what they do. They have no reasonable value system. There's a camaraderie amonsgt thugs but more often than you know, they've killed , robbed, or beaten someone that they knew or were close to like a girlfriend or best friend- even a childhood friend.

Their hair, their clothes- usually dark and hooded, and their speech make them appear dangerous looking and sound threatening.They seem to have no regard for human life, or any life form except save for the notorious Pitbull on a fat leash which I think is really just to hide the fact that someone is a coward. Nevertheless, neither does the young man's life seem to matter to him. Get what you can and get on! They place no value on your life, have a strong disdain for law and ritiousness, and clearly have no respect for community.

These thugs run from the law not just to escape capture and punishment for their crimes, or just to get away with it. No. They seem to run because they don't believe they deserve punishment. What's worse is the things our young men are killing and dying for. It is appaling. Our young men are dying over twenty dollars or less. A gold chain. A hot car. A pair dubs or hubs or whatever you call those expensive tires.

Mothers are crying for their sons, dead and alive. What can be done to restore these broken young men thier dignity and self respect before they become the status quo? How do we restore broken young men to human beings with whole hearts and positive spirits so that they believe there's a chance in life. That their lives are worth living. That they can have hope? When I see these young men finally captured and convicted, what I witness is a broken boy who never believed he had the opportunity to make something better of himself. Who never believed he had the opportunity to be a whole person? Who never knew he was anybody? How could he?

Most of these young men will spend the rest of their lives behind bars never having the opportunity to redeem themselves and right their wrongs. When they do finally come to the realization that their lives are over, they begin to sob like babies and I cry right along with them each time. I've never been a victim of a crime and pray I never do. Who knows what my feelings might be towards them if I were? To those who have, my heart goes out to you.

Don't let the thug life happen to you, your brother, or your son. Show him that it is okay to believe in self and that you believe in him too.

And oh, yeah! That it is okay to cry sometimes...

I understand that the stories behind these broken young man's expereinces go deeper than this, but it is a start...

Author B.B.Love



Ms Love
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