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The Sapphire Series


How do you capture a black woman on the run? If she's smart, you don't!
A murderous rage results when Lela Brown learns that her longtime boyfriend wants to leave her for a gay man. It is the ultimate betrayal. She snaps and kills him. She had hopes they'd get married soon. She even had a dress and veil.

The Sapphire Series are exotic tales of mystery, romance, and crime. They are character driven short stories about Lela who after killing her boyfriend, hops on a bus and runs off to New York City where she believes she can never be found. She arrives in the Big Apple, stops at a payphone and makes contact with the under- world. She needs a new I.D., a new job, and a new life. She becomes an exotic dancer which gives birth to the character Sapphire. Sapphire is smart, cunning, and with a desire to maintain her freedom will dispose of anyone who gets in her way, one way or another. The cops are on the case but not on her trail. They have no idea where she is or where to begin looking. Detective Olivia Brandt a white hardnosed lesbian wanna be city cop from D.C.'s central FBI thinks she has a profile on their jilted and scorned lamb on the run. But Sapphire is the type of black woman who can get juice from a nut without cracking the shell.

She changes identities like she changes under garments. She changes cities, appearances, personalities and men as well as professions whenever the need occurs. She beds the rich and famous as well as loathsome grunges behind back alleys and in sleazy motels with tastefully sensual caring or raunchy enthusiasm. She studies her career choices from the For Dummies books and becomes fluent in several languages thanks to Rosetta Stone. One day she's up, the next she's down. One day she's rich the next she's scrounging for her next meal. Through it all she continues to dance for her life whether on Broadway or in a dingy Harlem bar, but she has to keep moving. On the run, she travels the world. Sometimes she's tired, down and out and ready to turn herself in. The next, she's back on top. Top or bottom she's always on her A- game. Throughout her escapades, she finds romance, encounters murder, mayhem, and intrigue; sex trafficking and phony adoption agencies. She rescues young girls and boys being exploited in various countries. She even becomes a prostitute to save a young girls life. On the other hand, while traveling with one of her wealthy conquest adores, she gets appointed as a prominent member of a noble African family, but before she can accept, once again, she has to flee. She's a cold hearted b**ch and a nurturing friend. You won't know whether to root for her or pray she gets caught and goes to jail.

The cops are baffled. News about her story flashes on TV screens everywhere and she doesn't even flinch. She's biracial and often hides in plain sight under her many weaves and wigs, false lashes and creative eyes. She can get down with the folks in the hood or mingle with Wall Street and Hollywood. One day she's Shaniqua, the next she's Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm; Miss. Hollander of The Hamptons New York, or Candy Cane strutting along the Vegas strip. Either way, she's going to have her cake and eat it too. She's a master of disguise. She's a woman with a secret past determined to have her freedom, live her life with purpose, adventure, and virtue by any means necessary. Sapphire is a Black Woman on the run...

According to Detective Brandt, she can change her appearance, her geography, and her lifestyle but she can't change her DNA. However, these stories are not about the perfect murder, they're about the perfect getaway. Become a Fan of the series to find out if Sapphire will ever slip up and get caught, turn herself in, or keeps on running!

Episode 1 eBook releases February 12, 2011 at 3pm for a special price. Be there or be square!

Author Brenda L. Foster

Treasure Box Publications

┬ęCopyright 2011 Treasure Box Publications All Rights Reserved

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