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Post  Ms Love on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:09 am

Blue Stone Copyediting & Proofreading CLOSEUPSIDEVIEWBBLOVE Brenda L. Foster is an independent self published author, self taught freelance Copyeditor and Proofreader, and self taught on book cover concepts; an overall self made woman who does things on her own terms. For the most part, she is a behind the scenes person, not a media hog, but a professional who works well with others. She strongly believes the work she does is not about her. It's about YOU!

She finds it challenging to market herself and finds the most pleasure in marketing the services she provides for others. With more than fifteen years of work in the social services industry, a graduate of Drexel University, and a major in Behaviorism with a GPA of 3.6, she knows people. Brenda made the Dean's list twice. Several of her written assignments on various topics have been used by Drexel professors to teach their classes.

Author, Publisher, and Editor Brenda Foster wants you to know, while she definitely encourages you to dream big, and think outside the box, if you are an author, the odds of your book being accepted by the publishers that supposedly matter most in the industry, are one in sixty thousand. The odds of you selling more than 1, 5, or 10 thousand copies of your book in a month are close to 0. Those are the hard facts; the truth! This is not because your work is less than stellar. No! These facts have the most to do with genre and demogaphics. For example, to raise the odds of you becoming a top seller in the Romance writing genre, relocating to the midwestern United States where the most romance stories are bought might be benefitial. If you already live there, great! Knowing the demographics of your genre helps tremendously. Also know that YOU are your own best PR Rep! Do a radio show today but you may be forgotten tomorrow. All things are constantly moving forward and you'll have to keep up. Lights on?

Target audience is one thing as there are Urban Lit fans among others, all across America, but just in pockets. Harlem, New York seems to be the mecca for street and urban literature. Harlem also seems to be the mecca of non-readers.(I did not say illiterate. I said non-readers.) Don't get it twisted! So what are the odds of your book being recognized within a mecca of street lit writers? Go ahead, join the club! Get the picture?

Nevertheless, what authors can do is provide their reading public, whoever they may be, with a story that is unforgettable, compelling, and easy to read. Whether your public be family, friends, and colleagues, or a larger demographic, you want them to have a positively memorable experience by reading your book.

Something an editor cannot gaurantee is that your book will find its way to the New York Times best seller list or any best seller list; even with the best quality editing services, but the work is definitely worth every effort. Bottom line, selling your book has to do with, first and foremost, the STORY within the pages, demographics, editing, and you. Always do your best work as you don't want to disappoint any reader. And please don't be intimidated by editors, they are not Gods. Editors do however pride themselves on a work well done and so should you!

A work well done, is what Blue Stone & Foster House Press Storyeditng & Proofreading endeavors with our authors. Producing unforgettable stories that are engaging, captivating, and compelling, plus well edited for the reading pleasure of every member of your reading audience who spends their hard earned money on your book, is our purpose.

Trust us!

"A great story not well told is better than bad story told well." ~ Author Screenwriter Robert McKee

"A great story well told is paramount." ~ Author BBLove

Passionately yours,

Author Brenda L. Foster

Blue Stone Copyediting & Proofreading BLUESTONEEDITING-2
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