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Post  Ms Love on Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:12 am

Games People Play:

~ To Spite or not to Spite.

~ Now that I've got him do I want him?

~She got me but I resent her.

~It takes two to make a thing go right!

Hey, Loves!

This is Ms Love and I'm not one for beating around the bush or getting too wordy when I want to make a point, so I'll get right down to it!..

First, Welcome to InSite's first relationship discussion. Love is a many splendered thing when we finally get it right; especially when our efforts are sincere. However, there are times when things aren't as they appear to be. There are games people play; men and women, for their own ideosyncratic reasons. For some people, games are a way of life but for many, games have reeked havoc on their lives resulting in hurt feelings, major misunderstandings and broken hearts. On the topic of 'Spite or not to Spite', often people will show special attention to one person just to spite another. The person receiving the special attention might do right to take the attention at face value until careful evaluation of the context inwhich the attention was given is considered. After all if the attention was to spite another, it really wasn't sincere. Therefore, it was meaningless! Furthermore the attention wasn't about you, It was about the person making themself look good...

Also, there are some women who are in hot pursuit of a guy only to finally win him over and literally not want him anymore. After he eventually proposes, she mostly ignores him. They go through the motions but in the end, don't have much of a marriage. This type of behavior is what makes it hard for women who actually know what they want.

Moreover, its been my experience where there are some men who will do all they can to stay single but eventually will ALLOW some woman to capture their heart. But when they finlly say, "I do" he becomes resentful for what he imagines as being 'Caught' and therefore shows contempt for her for 'Stealing" his freedom. LOL! Needles to say, those kinds of relationships don't last very long.

Finally, there are men and women who know it takes two to make a thing go right! People who choose miracles know what they want, take there relationship seriously and know that their relationship is what ever they make it. They go for it! What's also the best thing ever is when two people find what they want, know what to do with it when they have it and how to keep it without playing games. Nothing lasts forever, but we shouldn't worry about crossing that bridge until we get to it. Life is about choices...

The purpose of this discussion is to bring these issues to light with conflict resolution and an understanding of relationship dilemmas so that we might move onto smoother experiences in love.

Okay people, get in where you fit in! Smile

PS. This is for those who are ready to listen...If you're not, well keep on taking those bumps and bruises. Someday you'll get it right!

Have a great day,

Enjoy, Lina!

Ms Love
Ms Love
Ms Love

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