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Post  Ms Love on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:23 pm



What is attraction? How do you define attraction? Hello! my name is Brenda L. Beard soon to be Brenda L. Foster so please get familiar with the name. However, as a writer, I go by the Pen name Author B. B. Love and that is the name you should look for!
Although I am no rocket scientist, I am a relationship author therefore I do understand that attraction is a natural phenomenon that happens between energies. That energy may generate from a magnet, natural polarities such as opposites, from rocket fuel or between people and I’m sure it goes deeper than that. But like I stated, I'm no rockert scientist. Plus, there has to be a simpler explanation for attraction. So, let us look at a simple way to explain what attracts men and women or men and men or women and women, whatever is the case. Some say, physical beauty is attractive. Others say inner beauty that exudes from your personality is attractive. But what might attract the perfect person for you? Short of running a background check on him or her, or forcing him or her to submit to an Briggs Personality quiz, what about them says I want to be near you, I want to be around you and I want to be with you always if possible? How do you attract that special someone because there is no PERFECT someone?

First, you must ask your self, what are your intentions? You may determine that by what energy level you want to attract from. There are several. For instance, on the physical energy level, sexual energy attracts sexual energy. On the mental, emotional which is on the thinking feeling level, that energy attracts the same. Someone may think and feel the way you do, but that doesn't equal SOUL MATE. However, on the spiritual energy level, spiritual energy attracts spiritual energy which is the same as attracting Love, and, so, love attracts love.

Hopefully we understand and believe that whatever energy we put into the universe is the energy we attract. So, you have a choice.

How you choose is your prerogative, but don’t expect to attract love energy with sexual energy. And don’t expect to attract spiritual energy with mental energy. Mental energy by itself suggests that you are still attempting to control the outcome of a relationshsip rather than nurture and feed it. It is the same with emotionality. There is still some element of emotionality when we choose to play on the sympathies of others. Emotionality by itself is a form of manipulation that people use to have their needs met. Nevertheless, everyone uses manipulation in one way or another, to some degree or another to have their needs met. It is a natural form of survival. But there is a fine line between selflessness and selfishness. Positive manipulation gets positive results.

Finally, of course it is LOVE that you wish to attract, and so, you must become the LOVE that you seek. With mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies intune, you become the well balanced source of energy you need or want to attract so when you send out your love energy message to the universe, that same love energy finds you…It can't get any simpler than that. The choice is yours...the universe is waiting!

Author B.B.Love

ATTRACTION Love-Couples-sexy-Love-Couple-sexy-

Physical energy can be used in many ways. Be sure it benefits your life, not subtract from it!


Mental, Emotional, and Physical energy plus, Spirituality can be powerful if properly channeled...

ATTRACTION WhitneyandFoxPassions

When it comes to REAL LOVE and ATTRACTION, the universe knows no BOUNDARIES!

Author B. B. Love is a self published relationships author with three published novels. Her top genres are Phycological, Contemporary and Urban romance. She is a Freelance Writer and is available for paid writing assignments. Would You Like to Hire Her?

Contact Ms. Love at:
Email: pointofviewpublishing@live.com
Website: www.povpublishsing.forumotion.com
Ms Love
Ms Love

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